Jon Wroten

Jon Wroten

Jon Wroten, MBA, CPP is the managing director of California Risk Advisors and the former chief of the California Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP), where he oversaw the nation’s largest self-insurance marketplace.

He also was a senior vice president at Sedgwick CMS, the nation’s largest third-party administrator, where he was responsible for national regulatory compliance and quality.

Wroten taught business, insurance and risk management as an adjunct professor at Sierra College for more than 15 years.

Recent Articles by Jon Wroten

Big Changes Coming for Workers’ Comp

There is still much unknown about how deeply and pervasively the pandemic will affect the U.S. and global economies; however, a deep and long-lasting recession is now a foregone conclusion. The downstream effects of a recession will change the workers’ compensation market dramatically for years to come.   Employers should anticipate a hardening workers’ compensation marketplace […]

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