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John Sviokla

John Sviokla

Dr. John Sviokla has almost 30 years of experience researching, writing and speaking about digital transformation — making it a reality in companies large and small. He has over 100 publications in many journals, including Sloan Management Review, WSJ and the Financial Times, and he appeared on CNBC and Fox News. His recent book, “The Self-Made Billionaire Effect,” explores how leaders create massive value in times of great change. His most recent writings on the Bionic Organization help leaders set strategy for today’s volatile, technological environment.

Dr. Sviokla has worked as a consultant, board member and investor with hundreds of companies public and private across the globe, including leading firms in financial services, industrials, healthcare, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology and AI/data analytics. His hands-on experience includes transformation of large-scale enterprises, P&L responsibility, coaching and mentoring to top executives, design and execution of data, analytics, research and strategy in companies large and small, as well as teaching on many topics around the world, including to Harvard, MIT, Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology and Oxford.

Recent Articles by John Sviokla

6 Questions for John Sviokla

As part of this month’s ITL FOCUS on blockchain, we spoke with John Sviokla, strategic adviser at Manifold and former senior partner and chief marketing officer of PwC, about the future impacts and strategic implications of blockchain. You’ve made a career out of identifying the strategic possibilities of technology — going back at least to […]

Is Intuition Dead? Probably Not, but…

As Carl Jung succinctly pointed out: “Thinking is difficult; that’s why most people judge.” In this COVID-filled world, where assumptions have been shaken and behaviors radically altered across many sectors, everything from restaurants, to travel, to shipping, to real estate, to healthcare, to technology has been upended. Leaders must simultaneously think deeply about trends and market […]

‘Law of Computability’ Powers the Bionic Era

The news is filled with stories about advanced applications of technology, from the Internet of Things, satellite data, sensors and drones, to augmented reality, artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning. Each of these applications comes with its own body of research, corporate promoters and analyst predictions, making them seem unrelated. They aren’t. We are […]

Digital Darwinism: Time to Move Faster

We are in the midst of a bionic revolution in all industries and especially insurance. Organizations are competing with a new mix of people and machines doing both cognitive and physical work, and those companies that become bionic fastest are winning because of superior customer experience and economics. This has led to a new Digital Darwinism […]

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