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John Siegman

John Siegman

John Siegman is the CRO & founder of HazardHub. Siegman has 30 years of experience playing with good and bad data. Starting his career at San Diego Gas Electric as a market researcher and modeler, Siegman moved onto Equifax National Decision Systems to focus on geodemographic and geofirmographic data and models. He spent 15-plus years in the geospatial realm covering utilities, insurance, government and gas & oil for Pitney Bowes and CoreLogic. Most of Siegman’s career has focused on making better data and making better, more profitable decisions with better data. Siegman holds an MBA from San Diego State University in Marketing & International Business and a Bachelor’s in Marketing & Transportation from the University of Maryland.

Recent Articles by John Siegman

What the 3 Little Pigs Teach Us

The three most famous houses for risk exposure are the one made of straw, the one made of sticks and the one made of bricks — occupied by our friends, the three little pigs. These three houses face extreme local straight-line wind exposure courtesy of the Big Bad Wolf. The key lesson taught by this […]

The Next Step in Underwriting

When a person applies for a mortgage in the U.S., credit reports are pulled from all three bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Why? Because a single bureau does not provide the whole story. When you’re lending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars it makes sense to find out as much as you can […]

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