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John Maynard

John Maynard

John Maynard is an expert in fraud and risk, specializing in healthcare and government. Serving in government for nearly 25 years, he has a broad background in federal, state and local programs.

A former auditor, Maynard has experience with healthcare providers, banking, insurance and financial services in the private sector. He has held senior leadership positions in government, and studies and promotes leadership development.

Maynard holds a bachelor of arts degree in business administration and accounting from Otterbein University. He is proud to be a certified public accountant (CPA).

Recent Articles by John Maynard

States Must Focus on Healthcare Fraud

Fraud in social benefit programs causes much more than economic damage. It can lead to patient deaths and harm from poor-quality healthcare. Fraud also facilitates and masks deeper issues such as substance abuse disorders (SUD), domestic violence and elder abuse. States should invest more resources in detecting and investigating social benefits fraud to limit these […]

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