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John Johansen

John Johansen

John Johansen is a senior vice president at Majesco. He leads the company’s data strategy and business intelligence consulting practice areas. Johansen consults to the insurance industry on the effective use of advanced analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence and strategic application architectures.

Recent Articles by John Johansen

Underwriting Lessons From the PGA

One of the amazing things about where we are in the arc of data changing our lives is that analytic models are pervasive. They are changing our professional lives, for sure, but I was also reminded recently that models can be used in all areas of our lives. Why? Because, golf! As I watched the […]

Producing Data’s Motion Pictures

Reality is tough to capture. It keeps moving. But somehow we’re growing faster and better at capturing it. Consider visual reality. In 200 years, we’ve moved from illustrations and paintings, through still photography and into motion pictures. We then created technologies to transport the motion pictures across space to the places we wanted it. We’re […]

Don’t Believe Your Own Fake News!

According to Gallup’s long-running Honesty and Ethics in Professions survey, trust in journalists over the last 40 years has seen a steady decline and is now at an all-time low. Part of the reason is the wide variety of sources available to journalists and the speed with which people are clamoring for news. Back when […]

How Smart Can Get Insurance Get?

For insurers and technology partners, this is a fun question to ponder: How smart can insurance get? Perhaps an even broader question might be: “What is smart insurance?” What does it look like to apply analytics-based decisions to the process — from underwriting through claims? More importantly, what does it look like to apply penetrating data […]

Your Data Strategies: #Same or #Goals?

Goldilocks entered the house of the three bears. The first bowl she saw was full of the standard, no-frills porridge. She took a picture with her smart phone and posted it to Instagram, with the caption #same. Then she came to Papa Bear’s bowl. It was filled with organic, locally grown lettuce and kale, locally […]

Data Science: Methods Matter (Part 4)

Putting a data science solution into production after weeks or months of hard work is undoubtedly the most fun and satisfying part. Models do not exist for their own sakes; they exist to make a positive change in the business. Models that are not in production have not realized their true value. Putting models into […]

Competing in an Age of Data Symmetry (Pt. 3)

The Internet is a mirror of sorts — a data mirror. Right now, it is a sort of fuzzy data mirror, but the pictures grow clearer as the available data grows. Soon, the image of an insurers’ customer service, pricing and claims experiences will grow crisp. How will it happen? How will insurers respond and remain […]

Competing in an Age of Data Symmetry: Part 2

In 1983, Microsoft Word was introduced. It wasn’t the first word processor, and it isn’t the only word processor, but it quickly became a standard — a “given.” From a productivity standpoint, the first adopters of word processing certainly had advantages over the alternatives (typewriters and ball point pens). Today, however, we all use Word and […]

Competing in an Age of Data Symmetry

For centuries, people have lived in a world where data was largely proprietary, creating asymmetry. Some had it. Others did not. Information was a currency. Some organizations held it, and profited from it. We are now entering an era of tremendous data balance — a period of data symmetry that will rewrite how companies differentiate themselves. […]

Is the Data Talking, or Your Biases?

In April, a large life insurer announced plans to use Fitbit data and other health data to award points to insureds, providing impressive life insurance discounts for those who participated in “wellness-like” behaviors. The assumption is that people who own a Fitbit and who walk should have lower mortality. That sounds logical. But we’re in […]

How Quote Data Can Optimize Pricing

Retailers do it. Auto dealers do it. From wholesale parts suppliers to craigslist sellers and kids with lemonade stands, everyone knows that if you are going to take the trouble to sell something you should sell it for its full value. Many insurers, however, are stuck within semi-fixed pricing models that don’t allow them to capture […]

Where Is Home for Analytics? (Part 2)

Last week, we spoke about how analytics in the insurance organization has been growing up in different locations and that it will continue to be interesting to see how and where analytics grows into maturity. Click here if you missed that blog and you would like to catch up. Today, we’re going to step into […]

Where is Real Home for Analytics?

One of the fascinating aspects of technology consulting is having the opportunity to see how different organizations address the same issues. These days, analytics is a superb example. Even though every organization needs analytics, they are not all coming to the same conclusions about where “Analytics Central” lies within the company’s structure. In some carriers, […]

3 Analytics Strategies for the Middle Market

As if there isn’t enough pressure on middle market carriers today, with the big players combining to get even bigger and with the rolling up of supply chains — the carriers are now faced with a strategic imperative: Make sense of their data through analytics. Meeting that imperative comes with a new competitive issue: fighting […]

It’s Time to Discuss the Upside of Cyber

Based on what our clients are telling us, I can’t imagine that there are many boards of directors that haven’t recently talked about data. With everyone focusing on security issues and the risks inherent in not adequately plugging data vulnerabilities, every board has had its wake-up call. Managing the downside is only one part of […]

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