John Cattie

John Cattie

John V. Cattie, Jr. is the founding partner of Cattie, P.L.L.C., a law firm dedicated to helping its clients minimize/extinguish future medical exposure to the federal government.

For years, he has helped clients address Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) obligations by addressing conditional payment obligations, educating clients when a Mandatory Insurer Reporting (MIR) obligation existed under Section 111 and advising clients when Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) were appropriate.

Cattie is one of the nation’s most-respected names in the MSA industry. He has personally reviewed or overseen the review of over 10,000 distinct fact patterns, answering the question “Is an MSA appropriate based on these specific facts and if so, for how much?” on behalf of his clients. His analysis and methods have been validated in federal and state court opinions such as Smith v. Marine Terminals of Arkansas, Tye v. Upper Valley Medical Center, and Doe v. Company X. These courts have cited his work as “comprehensive and detailed”, “reasonable and reliable”, and “…more credible [than others] in the liability context.” In each case, the client’s future medical obligation was minimized or extinguished based on how Cattie analyzed the MSA issue. In each case, the court sided with his analysis. In the Doe case, that difference amounted to a difference of $877,414.57 or a 90% reduction in the LMSA for his client. If you’ve heard Cattie tell the story about this case while speaking at a CLE, you understand how his involvement in a case makes a material difference in a client’s bottom line both from the micro (claim specific) level as well as the macro (claim portfolio) level.

Cattie is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education events nationwide. He has written or co-written several published books and articles, including “What Are … Medicare and Medicaid Secondary Payer Laws?”, “Modernizing MSP Cost Containment Protocols” and “The MSP and the False Claims Act: The Government’s Most Potent Recovery Tool.” He also served as Managing Editor on DRI’s “Defense Practitioner’s Guide to Medicare Secondary Payer Issues.” In his role as Chair of DRI’s Medicare Secondary Payer Task Force, Cattie leads efforts to educate DRI and its over 22,000 attorney members about MSP compliance issues.

Cattie received his B.A. in International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and his JD/MBA from Villanova University. Cattie is licensed to practice law in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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