John Bessant

John Bessant

Originally a chemical engineer, John Bessant has been active in the field of research and consultancy in technology and innovation management for more than 35 years. He currently holds the chair in innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter and has visiting appointments at the universities of Erlangen-Nuremburg and Queensland University of Technology.

In 2003, he was elected a fellow of the British Academy of
Management and in 2016 a fellow of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

He has acted as adviser to various national governments, international bodies (including the United Nations, World Bank and OECD) and to many public and private sector organizations. He is the author of 30 books and many articles on the topic and has lectured and consulted widely around the world.

Recent Articles by John Bessant

First, You Must Define the Problem

“Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” John Swigert’s famous words were delivered in a voice as calm and clear as the mountain air in his native Denver, but to the Apollo 13 mission controllers thousands of miles below in Texas this fired the starting gun in a race against time. At 2am on April 14, 1970, […]

How to Get Fit for Innovation

I’ve just returned from the ISPIM conference in Stockholm, where around 500 people spent several days kicking around the big questions of how to work successfully at the innovation frontier. A great feature of the conference is that it brings together researchers and academics, practitioners and policy makers, consultants and coaches – and there’s a willingness […]

How ‘Not Invented Here’ Limits Innovation

Imagine the scene. A warm summer’s day. The tree-lined slopes of gentle hills stretch toward a darker valley below. There’s a river running through it, sparkling water, dappled light through the leaves. Now place a party of schoolboys there, shipped out from the nearby town – lucky kids from well-off families, enjoying the fun of […]

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