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Joe Markland

Joe Markland

Joe Markland is president and founder of HR Technology Advisors (HRT). HRT has been a leading HR and benefits technology consulting and solution provider since 2001. HRT consults with benefits brokers and their customers on how to leverage technology to simplify HR and benefits administration. HRT has analyzed more than 100 HR and benefits technology companies and has deployed solutions to more than 400 employers, using 30 different vendors.

Markland was one of the early entrants into the benefits technology business when he founded StarNex in 1997. StarNex was an employee benefits technology firm focused on technology solutions that use the Internet to quote and enroll group insurance programs. As president, he created the website, which was used by more than 10,000 employee benefits brokers. Markland started the current consulting business after the sale of StarNex in 2001.

He started his career as a financial analyst with General Electric before spending 14 years in group insurance sales and sales management with Unum and Allmerica Financial. He sold more than $80 million in group business to more than 500 corporations.

He is considered an industry expert on HR and benefits technology. He has published numerous articles and speaks regularly at industry conferences. Appearances include Health Underwriters meetings in California, New Hampshire, Michigan, Kansas, Ohio, Alabama, Washington, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia; the LOMA Systems Forum; the National Group Underwriters Association of America Conference; the Kentucky NAIFA Career Path 2000 Conference; the IVANS E-Business Forum; and CIAB conferences in New York and Chicago.

Markland is a graduate of Williams College, where he majored in psychology.

Recent Articles by Joe Markland

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When it comes to adoption of technology, simple is most often better than complex. Steve Jobs and Apple went to great lengths to make their products simple. Without user adoption, products fail. Current technology trends continue the move toward simplicity with the advent of artificial intelligence and personal assistant tools like Amazon’s Echo and the […]

Consumerism on Health Is Not Practical

I read a lot of articles about consumerism and how employees need to be better consumers. As one who implements technology, I am very familiar with most of the decision support tools in the market and all the online symptom checkers. So let me make a bold statement: It is all garbage. I have always […]

Zenefits: Only the Start for Brokerages

As this election year unfolds, many are questioning what created Donald Trump. Why him? Why now? On the other end of the spectrum, the same could be said of Bernie Sanders. In the benefits world, I relate the political landscape to Zenefits and former CEO Parker Conrad. What is it that allowed Zenefits to come […]

Employers Can Stop Worrying on Health

With the launch of Apple’s HealthKit, the pieces are now in place to enable employers to get out of the health risk business within five to 10 years, if not sooner. Notice I use the term “health risk,” by which I mean that the cost of the employee’s health insurance will not be priced by the […]

End of Health Insurers As We Know Them

I want to start by saying that I am knowingly writing an article that is going to throw fuel on a fire. Being from New England, this article strikes me as the equivalent of writing an article in the Denver Post that says New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is better than Denver Broncos quarterback […]

A Wakeup Call for Benefits Brokers

More news from the technology front: Aetna acquires bswift. , shortly after Hodges-Mace announced the purchase of SmartBen. Last year, it was Towers Watson buying Liazon. Next year, it will be someone else. Is this just beginning of the dance where everyone in employee benefits needs to choose a partner? What does this mean for the […]

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