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Joel Zwicker

Joel Zwicker

Joel Zwicker is insurance evangelist at Agency Revolution Suite company and formerly an insurance agent at one of Canada’s largest independent insurance agencies. He now works to provide independent insurance agents the best marketing tools for their unique needs.

Recent Articles by Joel Zwicker

When Captive Agents Go Independent

The insurance industry was caught flat-footed by the business impact of the COVID pandemic. Many agents were still relying on in-person contact with leads and customers to maintain their business, but world events and industry trends have aligned to push agents into the digital age.  Along with world events uprooting business norms, increasing expenses and […]

3 Ways for Agencies to Improve Cybersecurity

In the current wave of ransomware attacks, large insurance agencies have a bright red target on their backs because they have lots of personally identifiable information (PII) and have the means to pay high ransoms. Smaller insurance agencies are just as vulnerable but might not have the means to secure or reclaim client information. Regardless […]

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