Joe Flower

Joe Flower

Joe Flower is an internationally known healthcare futurist and speaker who helps governments, healthcare organizations and purchasers get or build better care.

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The Rebellion of the Buyers

Did you catch that headline a few weeks back? An official of a health system in North Carolina sent an email to the entire board of the North Carolina State Health Plan calling them a bunch of “sorry SOBs” who would “burn in hell” after they “bankrupt every hospital in the state.” Wow. He sounds […]

Healthcare: Asking the Wrong Question

Imagine this: Healthcare — the whole system — for half as much. Better, more effective. No rationing. Everybody in. Because we all want that. And because we can. This can be done. Let me tell you how. I’m an industry insider, covering the industry for 37 years now, publishing millions of words in industry publications, speaking at hundreds of […]

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