Jody Pearmain

Jody Pearmain

Jody Pearmain is the managing director and founder of My Key Finance Ltd. He has over 10 years experience as a protection adviser and is an authority within the U.K. business protection market.

Pearmain has written articles for business matters and business directory and been featured in Forbes.

Pearmain is a lead singer of a band “Resonate” and was once signed to Warner Brothers Music. In March 2017, Pearmain and his wife featured in a BBC show about building a house for £100,000!

Recent Articles by Jody Pearmain

A Scary Future for Life Insurance?

Web users, especially business owners, already have plenty of good reasons to be careful with what they put online. Shifts in public perception, the increasing threat of data leaks and continual attempts to steal your identity might be enough. However, new state rules for New York’s insurance companies could highlight another worrying trend. What you […]

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