Jim Leftwich

Jim Leftwich

Jim Leftwich has more than 30 years of leadership experience in risk management and insurance. In 2010, he founded CHSI Technologies, which offers SaaS enterprise management software for small insurance operations and government risk pools and is in use at more than 45 insurance operations in 25-plus states.

Recent Articles by Jim Leftwich

How Municipalities Avoid Ransomware

In today’s insurance marketplace, the benefits of technology cannot be overstated; however, the dark side of technology—namely ransomware attacks—is now infiltrating self-insured municipalities. Ransomware attacks occur when criminals find a way into the organization, encrypt as much data as possible and then extort money from you to get your own data back. If the ransom […]

Is a Spreadsheet Still the Right Tool?

Back in 2016, Microsoft reported that more than one billion people used its Office suite of applications, which includes the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Roughly one in every six people on Earth uses it, Microsoft said. There is no doubt that, when Microsoft first developed this application, the company was on to something important, and Excel […]

Are Apprenticeships in Insurance Extinct?

Attracting young, talented workers seems to be one of the single greatest challenges facing the insurance industry. There are several reasons for this, chief among them the retirement of the career-oriented baby boomers, because they are taking their institutional knowledge of processes and systems with them. That institutional knowledge resident in each baby boomer is […]

Consider Hiring an ‘IT Whisperer’

Insurers come in all shapes and sizes, from Tier 1 monolithic operations to the smallest captives and self-insured groups. One thing has been made clear to me in the 30-plus years I’ve served this industry: Regardless of size, many insurers do not fully understand their technology requirements. I’m not saying this because I want to […]

Small Insurers and Digital Priorities

From what I’ve seen in recent insurance technology news updates, it appears that the insurance industry is finally ripe for change, ready to make the leap to digital technologies that will lead us into tomorrow. Or is it? Consider these core drivers of change: digital innovations such as cloud, telematics, IoT, analytics and AI, mobile, […]

Can Smaller Insurers Transform?

I don’t think any of us would dispute that the insurance industry is facing an inflection point, with changing market conditions, emerging technologies and startup insurtech companies. In an environment in which both personal and commercial lines of business are affected by a digitally empowered consumer, many insurers are rethinking their IT infrastructures, distribution networks […]

How to Scout and Draw the Best Talent

The cycle of doing more with less is starting to catch up with the insurance industry. This year, 25% of insurance professionals are expected to retire, says David Coons, SVP of the Jacobson Group. Further, by 2020 the industry will need to fill approximately 400,000 positions to remain fully staffed. Even among the largest insurers, talent […]

Roadblocks to Good Customer Relations

For many small to medium-sized insurance carriers, government risk pools and captives, providing personalized customer service continues to be a priority. If your organization or your partners leverage digital technologies, you may have customers who expect that personal touch across channels. For these carriers, having a solid client relationship management (CRM) strategy is a priority. […]

How Small Insurers Can Grow

Imagine for a minute that a new competitor started calling on your customers and offering the same—or better—product, coverage or services for much less cost. Are your relationships strong enough that your customers would ignore the prospect of an offering of better, faster, cheaper? Certainly, some would at least be inclined to explore the offer, […]

Joint Power Authorities: Thanks!

Nature has taught us that climate and environment dictate ecology. When the right set of conditions come along, nature presents the opportunity for something unique to appear and take root in the world. Consider the platypus, a semiaquatic egg-laying, duck-billed mammal with the tail of a beaver. Its mere existence defied all conventional scientific wisdom […]

Innovation: Not Just for the Big Firms

Small- to medium-sized insurers that want to remain relevant should heed the call of innovation. There has been a lot of press lately about how innovation can help insurers overcome growth obstacles. It’s no secret that the insurtech startups of the world, for which digital innovation is the hallmark, are garnering the attention — and funding […]

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