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Jim Kaiser

Jim Kaiser

Jim Kaiser is the CEO and founder of Casentric, which provides personal injury evaluation and settlement software to the property and casualty industry. Casentric also conducts consulting engagements with customers to assess casualty handling improvement opportunities.

Kaiser brings nearly 30 years of experience in the claims industry to Casentric. In his prior professional experiences, Kaiser developed claims technology and advised insurance executives on ways to improve claims.

Recent Articles by Jim Kaiser

How to ‘Own the Anchor’ in Settlements

Anchoring occurs in third-party settlement negotiations when one side throws out a number in an effort to influence—or “anchor”—the way the opposing party values a claim. Our experience shows that anchoring directly affects the settlement value of injury claims, so it’s critically important for insurance adjusters to “own the anchor” in negotiations. What Drives Anchoring? […]

5 Steps to Profitable Risk Taking

The really bad thing about risks is that they almost never lead to a loss. Why would that be bad? Because risk aversion is responsible for so much lost opportunity. Risk aversion allows us to shoot down ideas faster than we build them up. It is easier to cite a risk that a project or change […]

A Blueprint for Casualty 2.0

Casualty 2.0 is a claims management blueprint for bringing together technology, data, skill development and process to control loss costs in measurable, strategic ways. It is also a path to building strategies for operating expert casualty organizations. The property and casualty industry pays out more than an estimated $100 billion a year to resolve personal […]

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