Jessica Kaczor

Jessica Kaczor

Jessica Kaczor is a certified public accountant and certified fraud examiner with Bauknight, Pietras & Stormer, P.A., a CPA consultancy based in Columbia, S.C.

Kaczor has a passion for forensic accounting and psychology and advises clients in the insurance (including captives), distribution, manufacturing and telecom industries on how to prevent, detect and prove occupational fraud.

Recent Articles by Jessica Kaczor

White-Collar Crime: Are You Next?

Are you next for white-collar crime? Unfortunately, the answer is likely yes. Karen’s family-owned company prided itself on the loyalty and longevity of its employees. However, when she didn’t recognize a vendor receiving continuing payments, she grew suspicious. When the company’s bookkeeper assured her the invoices, which totaled in the tens of thousands of dollars […]

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