Jeffrey Ellis

Jeffrey Ellis

Jeffrey J. Ellis is a partner with Clyde & Co U.S. in New York. He focuses his practice on aviation, insurance, products liability, commercial, litigation and appellate matters.

Ellis represents airline carriers in connection with the various liability and regulatory issues confronting the aviation industry on both the domestic and international fronts. In this regard, he consults with airlines, manufacturers, insurers and industry groups to analyze the legal and regulatory implications of issues related to the federal and international preemption of aviation safety and security standards, code share and alliance relationships, connecting carrier relationships, the Montreal/Warsaw system, the Chicago Convention and regulation of drones.

Ellis represented the interests of United Airlines in the litigation arising from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He also represented the interests of Delta Air Lines in the Swissair/Delta Flight 111 crash, Continental Airlines in the Air France Concorde crash, Delta/Northwest in the litigation arising out of the “underwear bomber” incident, GAMA in product preemption litigation and CTA and AUVSI in drone preemption litigation.

Recent Articles by Jeffrey Ellis

Growing Risks From Malicious Drones

Recent drone attacks in Saudi Arabia dramatically illustrate several key issues relevant to terrorist and security risk assessment. This should be enough to cause private entities, governments and insurers to reassess their prior risk assessments and security planning around important infrastructure, iconic buildings and large scale events. According to Aljazeera, the drone used in the […]

New Idea for Active Shooter Incidents

Active shooter events in the U.S., unfortunately, are becoming more frequent — so much so that the Wall Street Journal reported this week that school districts are stepping up purchases of insurance against such events. The incidents raise many questions, and a persistent one in a legal context is, “Should anyone besides the shooter be […]

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