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Jeff Pettegrew

Jeff Pettegrew

2017 – current
Chief Policy Officer and National Spokesperson for the Association of Responsible Alternatives to Workers’ Compensation, ARAWC (Dallas, TX)
As a renown workers’ compensation expert and industry thought leader for 40 years, seek to promote and improve understanding of the advantages of the unique Texas alternative injury benefit plan through active engagement with industry and news media as well as social media. Provide an updated ARAWC blog called “Pettegrew Perspectives;” attend and speak at relevant educational meetings and conferences; continue an active dialogue with ARAWC members, regulators, as well as other industry colleagues and experts.

2017 – Present
Advisory Board Member at Insurance Thought Leadership, (Sacramento, CA and the Institutes, Malvern, PA)
Provide leadership guidance to the ITL Executive Committee, serving with 6 other international industry thought leaders.

2015 – 2017
Chief Imagination Officer at Insurance Thought Leadership (Sacramento, CA and the Institutes, Malvern, PA)
Provided leadership, experience, and inspiration to the world’s largest and most influential web-based thought leader platform. Assisted in managing and recruiting a team of nearly 1,000 worldwide insurance industry thought leaders, including Google, who- through timely articles and research – seek to shape the future and improve the universe of insurance and risk management.

2004 – 2015
Executive Director/CEO of the California Self Insured Security Fund (SISF), Walnut Creek, CA
Managed the nation’s largest self-insured security (guaranty) fund covering all active and former nonpublic entity self-insureds for workers’ compensation in the State of California. SISF is a non-profit established by the California Legislature that manages and protects over 550 corporate and non-profit self-insured workers comp risks totaling over $9 billion.

1991- 2004
Vice President, Risk Management & Insurance of Westaff, Walnut Creek, CA
Designed, implemented and managed a complex self-funded workers compensation, liability and employee benefits program covering over 140 offices and 42,000 temp and regular employees of the company operating across the U.S. in 39 states. Provided professionally produced videotape training, safety equipment, and regional workshops covering safety and Westaff’s internal WC experience modifier.

1980 – 1991
Contra Costa Municipal Risk Management Insurance Authority, Walnut Creek, CA
Pioneered one of the nation’s first fully self-insured joint powers authority to provide pooled self-funded workers comp, liability, property, safety and health coverage for 18 municipalities.

1979 – 1980
Risk Manager, City of Sunnyvale, CA
First Risk Manager for this full-service municipality. Designed and implemented the city’s self-insured liability, workers’ compensation, property coverage and implemented a comprehensive safety program.

1986-87: President, Public Agency Risk Managers Association (PARMA)
1989-90: President, California Joint Powers Association (CAJPA) – (founding member)
1989: “Risk Manager of the Year” by Business Insurance magazine
1991-2000: Chairman, Business Insurance “National Workers Compensation & Disability Management Conference”
1996-97: President, Golden Gate Chapter of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).

Captain (Administration and Protocol) in the U.S. Air Force (1968-1972)
Masters, Public Administration from California State University, Hayward
Bachelor of Arts, Communication from Denison University, Granville, Ohio
Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation from the Institutes

Recent Articles by Jeff Pettegrew

Autonomous Trucks, Arriving in Texas

The world of self-driving trucks continues to expand as new technologies are being tested and more companies are emerging with revolutionary autonomous fleets of semi-truck tractors that increase safety and efficiency. There’s no denying that these 80,000-pound tractor trailer rigs, which number over 2 million in the U.S., will disrupt the trucking industry as fleets […]

Top 10 Useless Insurance Policies

Certainly some forms of insurance like health, home, auto, life or long-term disability coverage are probably necessary components to your wellbeing and security. But many people fall victim to fear or slick salesmanship to be convinced of the need to purchase some kind of special insurance coverage that is redundant, unnecessary, impractical or downright wasteful. […]

Which to Choose: Innovation, Disruption?

Most executives are averse to risks but, ironically, create the risk of being leapfrogged by unforeseen competitors. Executives focus on innovation but only look for a new idea, device or methodology that incrementally provides greater efficiency or effectiveness, like the fifth blade in a razor or higher-resolution HDTVs. This sort of innovation, sometimes referred to as […]

Thought Leader in Action: Chris Mandel

Back in the ’70s, Chris Mandel quite literally stumbled into insurance, as a result of a racketball injury at Virginia Polytech Institute when he suffered a detached retina. After two months of lying flat in a hospital bed, he had to forego his post-graduate job in retail management and start looking for employment in D.C. — he began an […]

Thought Leader in Action: At U. of C.

An organization the size of the University of California system—10 campuses, five medical centers, a student body of 239,000 and nearly 200,000 faculty, staff and other employees—requires the close attention of individuals who help assess and manage risk and insurance. Kevin Confetti, the UC deputy chief risk officer in the Office of the President, is one […]

What to Learn From an Executive Chef

Howard Karp, a chef at the Waldorf Astoria and instructor at the California Culinary Academy who cooked for four U.S. presidents, once told me the secret of cooking: “It’s all in the technique. There are no shortcuts.” Exquisite food comes from a highly trained, coordinated and cohesive kitchen operation that involves culinary skills such as […]

Thought Leader in Action: At Walmart

How do you manage risk when your company is the biggest employer in the U.S. other than the federal government? Very carefully — and very well, if you’re K. Max Koonce II, the senior director of risk management at Walmart, until recently, when he took a senior position at Sedgwick. You do that partly by […]

3 Game Changers — and How to Survive

The follow-the-leader principle works on a trail that has proven to be relatively safe from perils and predators. However, when new frontiers are breached, a new kind of leadership is required for survival. Insurers have generally been able to just follow the leader for ages, but now a new frontier has been breached. The insurance […]

Thought Leader in Action: At Starbucks

From the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department: Steve Legg took an important step on his path to becoming the director of risk management of Starbucks to avoid having what looked like a bad pun on his business card. He had earned his Associate in Risk Management designation, but that meant his name appeared […]

Thought Leader in Action: At Google

Loren Nickel, who has a major role in our profession as the director of business risk and insurance at Google, got his start without even doing a job interview. That story begins when his mother researched careers and suggested that in college he study to become an actuary. Nickel pursued statistics and actuarial science at […]

4 Technologies That Are Changing Risk

This summarizes a session from RIMS that was headlined by Google Risk Manager Kelly Crowder as well as Google Global Safety Manager Erike Young. I served as the event host and moderator, teeing up the subject matter. We focused on four major areas of technology that are driving transformative change in the way we do things and, thus, changing […]

The Key Choices in Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault form of insurance that an employer is legally obligated to secure, providing wage replacement as well as medical, rehabilitation and death (survivor) benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. Workers’ comp is in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of […]

After a Century, Is Work Comp Obsolete?

Avoiding the ever-growing early 20th century fear of the growth of socialism in the U.S., fueled by author Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, the federal government was eager to shift the passionate, muckraker sentiment for a Marxist-designed social insurance system (aka workers comp) to the states — only federal and certain interstate commerce employees are covered […]

Where Are the New Wearables Heading?

It’s hard to imagine that Humphrey Bogart became one of the fashion setters of his time by wearing a wristwatch in his films. That made pocket watches a novelty. Since then, wristwatches have been a cool men’s accessory. There were glow-in-the dark watches — until radium was discovered to be dangerous. Other styles have added […]

How Risk Management Drives up Profits

Diane Meyers, director of corporate insurance for YRC Worldwide, manages the insurance and associated risks of one of the most hazard-prone industries in the world – trucking. YRC is the largest long-haul trucking company in U.S., operating in all 50 states and Canada. It has 14,500 tractors and 46,500 trailers and ships 70% of all […]

Call to Action for Thought Leaders

It’s the dawn of a new day. If there was ever a business sector ripe for disruption in 2015, insurance and risk management is it. Vulnerabilities can become opportunities for those with vision and imagination. Insurance is a borderless enterprise that needs to transform to address a digital world. Customer loyalties are now drawn to […]

The Next Jolt That Will Hit California

Losses from Sunday’s 6.0-magnitude earthquake near Napa, the largest in California in 25 years, seriously damaged more than 170 structures and injured more than 200 people. Overall earthquake-related losses are expected to exceed $1 billion. Many unreinforced masonry buildings risk being declared a total loss. But even retrofitting doesn’t always ensure earthquake immunity. The charming […]

Splitting California Into 6 States? Crazy

If a million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. Anatole France Maybe that quote should be, “If 1.3 million people. . . . “ That’s because Tim Draper, having spent $5 million, secured 1.3 million signatures and put a measure on the 2016 California ballot that would split the Golden […]

California Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Update

Under the new requirements of SB 863, California private (non-public entity) workers’ comp self-insured employers and self-insured groups (SIGs) starting this year are required to submit an actuarial study and an actuarial summary form to the Department of Industrial Relation’s Office of Self-Insured Plans (OSIP). Private self-insured employers’ actuarial submissions are due on May 1 […]

Self-Insured Workers' Comp Third Party Administrator Contract Issues

There are hundreds of national and regional firms, including insurance companies, that compete to provide workers’ compensation claims administration services for private as well as governmental self-insured entities. In California, there are nearly 500 private (non-public entity) organizations that are self-insureds, although only 35 of them actually self-administer their claims. Self-administered entities are generally very […]

Self-Insured Retention vs. Collateral – What is the True Cost of Risk?

Each year, the corporate risk manager scrutinizes workers’ compensation excess insurance proposals from one or more insurers, trying to figure out the cost-benefit of the company’s self-insured retention (SIR), such as $250,000, $500,000, or even much higher. The “SIR” terminology applies whether the company is utilizing an insured high deductible, captive or legally self-insured workers […]

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