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Jeff Esper

Jeff Esper

Jeff Esper is director of marketing and business development for RWH Myers, where he has developed a dynamic educational marketing program designed to share expert insights with the risk management community via web meeting, live presentation and blog (

Esper has more than 20 years of marketing and business development experience and is an award-winning public speaker. Before RWH Myers, Esper worked in the insurance software space for Ebix and as a broker with Willis of Pennsylvania.

Recent Articles by Jeff Esper

Harvey: Tips to Avoid Claim Issues

When the mayor tells you, “if you’re going to stay here, write your name and Social Security number on your arm with a sharpie pen,” it’s time to get out of there. But, whether residents stay or leave, physical structures don’t have that luxury. So, we are about to see round one of an enormous […]

Using Stories to Make Your Point Stick

If you are in the insurance/risk management industry, you likely have been to many presentations. How many do you remember? How many were interesting? How many were entertaining? When learning information, the human brain will attempt to relate the new concept to a familiar concept. For example, when Henry Ford described one of his earliest automobile […]

Why Independence Matters for Claims

Policyholders insure against business risks to protect their financial integrity. When these risks become a reality, claim recovery is the return on investment. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. Claim recovery is a process that requires expertise to secure a fair settlement. As you know, your carrier has experts assigned to adjust and audit your […]

5 Keys to Successful Claims

When I started as director of marketing at RWH Myers, I asked a lot of questions of the partners. With the firm specializing in loss accounting, I wanted to understand the most important attributes in a successful claim. What I learned seemed too obvious at first, but I soon discovered why each component was essential. […]

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