Jeff Bowman

Jeff Bowman

Jeffrey T. Bowman is the non-executive chair of Global Risk Solutions, a leading provider of a diverse range of claims adjusting and environmental risk management solutions.

As an accomplished global insurance industry executive, Bowman has worked in the industry for more than 35 years in financial, operations and strategy roles. He is a decisive leader with a proven track record in growing and re-engineering a multinational business through acquisitions, business transformation and product development.

Taking over as CEO of a public company in January 2008, the year the financial crisis took its toll on the insurance industry, Bowman increased the global claims company’s revenue past the $1 billion mark and continued to expand, with significant improvements in information technology and new products. He has been involved in more than 28 acquisitions globally.

One of Bowman’s strengths is prioritizing the client experience through strategic team leadership. He has excelled in developing leaders, challenging his teams’ thinking and driving business forward. As a leader, Bowman emphasizes achieving targets while upholding the highest ethical and compliance standards. He is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and past chair of The Institutes.

Recognized and respected within the industry for driving client service quality, Bowman is passionate and independent-minded yet seeks to understand all sides in decision making.

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