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Jayant Lakshmikanthan

Jayant Lakshmikanthan

Jayant Lakshmikanthan is president of Clara Analytics. He has been the architect for more than 30 scalable analytic applications and products. With more than 15 years of experience in business operations and analytics, he holds multiple patents.

Recent Articles by Jayant Lakshmikanthan

Automation Lets Compassion Scale

The modern workers’ compensation system was devised to provide a guarantee of care and medical treatment to injured workers from their employers. Organizations also are expected to offer guidance on the resources available to injured workers as well as how to navigate issues such as finding the right doctor and taking time off work. In […]

Role of Unstructured Data in AI

The process of making artificial intelligence (AI) systems interact more like humans makes some people uncomfortable, but AI is not about replacing humans. In reality, it is much more about removing the robot from humans. A big part of AI’s value lies in automating manual processes and analyzing vast amounts of data quickly so that […]

Lessons Culled From Early Innings of AI

The workers’ compensation claims process tends to creep along, often inviting lawyers to the party and leaving both workers and companies frustrated. But this trend is reversing. Why? Technology has been developed that alleviates the stress points that threatened to eventually break the workers’ comp system. The same is true for other insurance segments, as […]

How AI Is Redefining Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has operated with great consistency and clear processes for many years. People may not always like or agree with how things work, but nearly everyone from the consumer to the provider essentially goes with it — no uprisings to drive change, no big shakeups. That is until recently. Seemingly all of a […]

How to Use AI in Commercial Lines

Last time, we discussed some of the potential benefits of AI in commercial insurance. Now, let’s talk making the business case. Many insurers are hesitant to invest in AI without proof that these theoretically smart systems will yield real-world returns. A mature AI vendor will have the foresight to develop a team within its organization […]

4 AI Payoffs in Commercial Insurance

The commercial insurance industry is in an early and exciting stage of adopting artificial intelligence. With widespread acceptance, AI is set to provide a large source of value and a key driver of competitive advantage. However, there is confusion about what it means and how it will affect the bottom line. Certainly, futuristic perspectives of […]

How to Attack the Opioid Crisis

The vastness of the opioid crisis is all around us: 259 million opioid prescriptions are made every year. 91 Americans die every day of opioid overdose. Workplace costs of prescription opioid use are more than $25 billion, driven by lost earnings from premature death, reduced compensation or lost employment and healthcare costs. It’s time to […]

A Silicon Valley View on Work Comp

Occupational injuries cost the U.S. more than $250 billion annually. That is nearly three times the financial impact of cancer. Yet to date, the technology and analytics community has largely underserved the challenges of effectively helping injured workers get back to being productive rapidly. Injured workers are being pulled into complex processes unnecessarily. Claims adjusters […]

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