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Jason Youngs

Jason Youngs

Jason Youngs has spent the last 10 years evaluating self-funded strategies for corporations and public entities ranging from 50 employees to 10,000. Youngs has worked closely with brokers and TPAs to secure stop loss for their self-funded employer groups.

Through this experience, Youngs has gained an in-depth knowledge of the stop-loss carriers, the risk management tools available and the strategic players in the self-funded industry.

Recent Articles by Jason Youngs

Why to Self-Fund Health Benefits

The passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 continues to redefine the employer-sponsored healthcare market. Increased regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities, employer mandates and rising medical premiums have forced employers to evaluate all cost-effective strategies for providing health benefits to employees. One strategy, self-funding, remains an attractive alternative to the traditional fully insured and association-style […]

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