Jason Walker

Jason Walker

Jason Walker is managing partner of Smart Harbor. Walker is focused on two important goals: helping independent insurance agents realize growth using digital technologies and enabling carriers to develop deeper partnerships and greater insights into the performance of their agent distribution channels.

At Smart Harbor, he oversees the strategy, development and delivery of the company’s technology solutions and analytics platforms for the insurance market. He brings both significant insurance and business-to-business technology marketing experience to his role. He was previously founder and executive of People to My Site, a company that developed digital marketing programs for automotive dealers and franchises.

Walker is currently an advisory council member for the Insurance Digital Revolution, an industry organization focused on advancing digital technology adoption among independent insurance agents.

Recent Articles by Jason Walker

5 Digital Predictions for Agents in 2019

The rapid technological evolution of the insurance industry will require independent agents to turbocharge their adoption of digital tools in 2019. Consumers have become accustomed to the convenience afforded by artificial intelligence (AI) when it comes to completing day-to-day transactions. Voice assistants allow people to ditch the keyboard and conduct searches by talking to devices. […]

2018: 5 Predictions for Agents

In 2018, agents will accelerate their adoption of digital tools and will enter into stronger partnerships to share critical data and analytics to grow. As an industry, we have been talking about technological evolution for a long time. But in 2018, the combination of competitive conditions, availability of cost-effective technology and numbers of independent agents […]

5 Predictions for Agents in 2018

The insurance industry has been talking about technological evolution for a long time. From the rise of insurtechs to implementing tools like client portals and e-signature, the need for digital transformation has been top-of-mind for all insurance professionals. But in 2018, the barriers have been removed, and this talk will finally evolve into significant action. […]

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