Jason Mandel

Jason Mandel

Jason Mandel is founder and CEO of ESG Insurance Solutions, a risk management and business consulting firm.

A graduate of Brandeis and Columbia, Mandel resides in South Florida.

Recent Articles by Jason Mandel

Insurance and Financial Protection

If insurance is a matter of predictive analysis, the most accurate prediction requires no analysis. The prediction is a sentence of pith and precision, economizing words while encompassing phenomena throughout the world. The prediction is a law, Stein’s law, whose namesake, Herbert Stein, was an adviser to presidents and the father of a speechwriter, Ben […]

A New Environment for Insurers

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a philosophy, not a catchphrase. A principle for the good of expanding principal, ESG is a chance for the insurance industry to do well by doing good. This chance is real, measurable and beneficial. This chance is, in other words, not chancy.  This chance is a matter of reducing […]

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