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Jason Mandel

Jason Mandel

Jason Mandel is founder and CEO of ESG Insurance Solutions, a risk management and business consulting firm.

A graduate of Brandeis and Columbia, Mandel resides in South Florida.

Recent Articles by Jason Mandel

A PSA for Private Placement Life

Wealth is the product—the work product—of work itself. Whether the product is a wealth of money, especially if wealth refers to a specific amount of money, or a wealth of deeds for which money advances good deeds, protecting wealth from excess taxation is essential.  Private placement life insurance (PPLI) is the protection accredited investors with […]

Death, Taxes and Life Insurance Trusts

Things as certain as death and taxes can be firmly believed. Believable, too, is that life is volatile and the cost of living highly variable. Because of these things, protecting your estate from taxation is one of several reasons why life insurance exists. How you structure this protection, transferring ownership of your policy and ensuring […]

Opportunity Zones for Entrepreneurs

Where there is growth, there is opportunity; where there is opportunity for one, there is hope for all. The opportunity to create opportunities for communities in need of growth, the opportunity to create jobs for residents of communities in need of work, the opportunity to create communities for a country in need of hope — […]

The Need for Speed in Underwriting

From delay born of pandemic to decisiveness borne by leaders with a plan, from anger born of isolation to action borne by people’s refusal to isolate themselves from the world, the authors of the first chapter of post-pandemic life—the writers of this history—are the underwriters of life insurance. The men and women responsible for the […]

Using Home Equity to Fund Estate Planning

The pinnacle of the real estate market, of any market, is hard to predict, just as the precipice of a collapse in prices is real but unpredictable. About the sea below, red with debt and white with foam, about the flotsam from those houses underwater and too deep to raise, a reminder: We must sail […]

The Importance of Captive Insurance

Life insurance policies abound, but policies that insure a person in spite of the absence of bodily harm, that exist because of the threat of reputational harm, that ease the degree of harm—these policies are hard to find. These policies are also expensive, regardless of whether a person is rich and famous, or more famous […]

Why to Provide Life Insurance for Workers

If all labor has dignity, employers must recognize that what furthers the soul does not feed the body, that spiritual recompense is not a dispensation from the laws governing labor: that worker retention is every employer’s job; that this job is just; that just compensation is an achievable end through the available means of life […]

Foreclosing Danger by Ending Foreclosures

Every real estate closing is a beginning, an exchange of deeds and a chance to do good works — if real estate agents and insurers come together. If both groups unite on behalf of homeowners, offering life insurance with mortgage protection to homeowners, the result is a boon for all homeowners.  The proof is not […]

Life Insurance With Mortgage Protection

From a downpour of tears to a deluge of debt, the loss of a loved one can drown a family in a sea of emotions and a storm of expenses. The loss can flood the last refuge of sanctity and shelter, leaving a house underwater and a family homeless; leaving a widow without a lifeline, […]

A False Choice for Diabetics

Between advertising insurance policies and adopting policies in support of a specific group of people, between issuing life insurance for diabetics and rewarding people for lowering their risk of developing complications from diabetes, between high premiums with few benefits and affordable premiums with good benefits, what insurers say influences what people do. If insurers move […]

Insurance and Financial Protection

If insurance is a matter of predictive analysis, the most accurate prediction requires no analysis. The prediction is a sentence of pith and precision, economizing words while encompassing phenomena throughout the world. The prediction is a law, Stein’s law, whose namesake, Herbert Stein, was an adviser to presidents and the father of a speechwriter, Ben […]

A New Environment for Insurers

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a philosophy, not a catchphrase. A principle for the good of expanding principal, ESG is a chance for the insurance industry to do well by doing good. This chance is real, measurable and beneficial. This chance is, in other words, not chancy.  This chance is a matter of reducing […]

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