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Jane Turnbull

Jane Turnbull

Jane Turnbull is an accomplished analytics professional with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked in team and project management and in technical, customer-facing and leadership positions. Her work has been in consulting, predictive modeling, analysis, sales support and product development. Turnbull has hands-on experience in SAS and R programming, data mining, experimental design and business intelligence. She also has experience in the design, development and implementation of statistical models.

Recent Articles by Jane Turnbull

Data Science: Methods Matter (Part 3)

Data science has grown in inevitability as it has grown in value. Many organizations are finding that the time they spend in carefully extracting the “truth” from their data is time that pays real dividends. Part of the credit goes to those data scientists who conceived of a data science methodology that would unify processes […]

Data Science: Methods Matter (Part 2)

What makes data science a science? Methodology. When data analytics crosses the line with simple formulas, much conjecture and an arbitrary methodology behind it, it often fails in what it was designed to do —give accurate answers to pressing questions. So at Majesco, we pursue a proven data science methodology in an attempt to lower […]

Data Science: Methods Matter (Part 1)

Why should an insurer employ data science? How does data science differ from any other business analytics that might be happening within the organization? What will it look like to bring data science methodology into the organization? In nearly every engagement, Majesco’s data science team fields questions as foundational as these, as well as questions […]

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