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James Macgregor

James Macgregor

Jamie Macgregor is the CEO of Celent, a leading financial technology research and consulting firm and a division of Oliver Wyman.

His career spans more than 23 years in both management consulting and the industry, focused on IT strategy and innovation and technology change.

Recent Articles by James Macgregor

Digital Innovation: Down to Business

When presenting at DIA last year, I commented on just how far the industry has come in recognizing the opportunities for insurtech and adopting smart digital techniques in such a short time. According to Celent’s most recent innovation outlook for insurance, 69% of the insurance innovation leaders surveyed have been pursuing an innovation agenda for somewhere […]

Finding Value in Insurtech (Part 1)

Insurtech is a poorly defined term, and as a result is little understood across the industry. At one end of the spectrum it can refer to early stage startup spun out of the world of fintech to focus purely on insurance; at the other end of the spectrum, it can refer to anything remotely innovative […]

In Search of a New ‘Dominant Design’

There is little in the world of insurtech happening today that insurers couldn’t arguably choose to do for themselves if they were motivated to do it. They have the capital to invest. They have resources and could hire to fill gaps in any new capabilities required. They understand the market and know how to move […]

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