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Hugh Carter Donahue

Hugh Carter Donahue

Hugh Carter Donahue is expert in market administration, communications and energy applications and policies, editorial advocacy and public policy and opinion. Donahue consults with regional, national and international firms. He earned a Ph.D. in communications and policy analysis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Recent Articles by Hugh Carter Donahue

More Opportunities for Reinsurers in Health

As insurers and regulators address uncertainties in connection with risk-adjustment, transparent health reinsurance emerges ever more forcefully as a marketplace solution for managing risk in connection with healthcare costs. The immediate instance animating fresh reconsideration of health reinsurance is the early July Trump administration decision to desist from administering risk adjustment. The decision followed a […]

Healthcare Debate Misses Key Point

As Congress considers another healthcare bill, the conversation continues to be about insurance, even though a form of reinsurance could solve many of the problems we face as a nation. The money for what I call “transparent health reinsurance” is already even in the various bills that Congress has considered; the more than $100 billion […]

Transparent Reinsurance for Health

Transparent reinsurance programs could emerge as significant opportunities for healthcare providers, issuers, reinsurers, technology innovators and regulators to address health insurance. The message is clear. Having to factor in higher costs associated with new entrants to the healthcare system gives insurance firms license to charge higher rates. If these new people were put into a […]

How Literature and the NFL Shed Light on Innovation

Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh complained that Patriots Coach Bill Belichick used deceptive tactics in a playoff game last weekend, after a novel, efficiently executed series of third-quarter plays disoriented the Ravens defense and helped power the Patriots to AFC championship game. But the complaint is short on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Ralph Waldo Emerson […]

Whistleblower: Fed Defers to Big Banks

“This American Life” teamed up with ProPublica for a blockbuster story that Federal Reserve regulators defer to mega bank Goldman Sachs on compliance issues. Thanks to whistleblower Carmen Segarra, the report about the culture at the Fed was so explosive that Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for an investigation within 24 hours. The whole mechanics of […]

Is the Fed Going Soft on Big Banks?

In a Senate Banking Committee hearing earlier this summer, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen played their parts brilliantly. They acted out a time-tried political science convention, that legislators and journalists are judged on results while bureaucrats and professors are judged on rules. At issue is Federal Reserve Board enforcement of […]

Smarter, Faster Trades — and Without Fraud

New York Times senior economic correspondent Neil Irwin did great public service in his Upshot column provocatively titled, “Why Can’t the Banking Industry Solve Its Ethics Problems?” While Irwin addressed the issue for investors in general, his column should hold particular interest for those in the insurance business because insurers are such large investors and […]

The Solution to the Hoarding Society and the Piketty Book

 Jacques Louis David, The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries, 1812, National Gallery of Art, Samuel H. Kress Collection, Washington, D.C.  Every so often, a big book comes along that, in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, can rock people “clean out of my own orbit” and turn us into “a satellite” of the new ideas. French […]

‘Interactive Finance’: Meshing with Google

The insurance industry is poised to enhance its power, burnish its prestige and increase its income in the 21st century by developing interactive finance to mesh with Internet enterprises. By interactive finance, I mean rewarding institutions and individuals with financial or strategic advantage for revealing information that details risk. Insurance industry success requires recognizing information as this […]

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