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Horst Simon

Horst Simon

Horst Simon has been in commercial banking and the risk management consultancy industries for four decades.

Since 2010 he is a risk management consultant and trainer and was associated with leading global players in the field of risk management consultancy and training as well as business process outsourcing. Most recently; he was a full-time director-trainer with Moody’s Analytics where he delivered non-financial risk management training and co-developed an operational risk leadership training program for a large global bank. Horst is currently with the Capricorn Group in Namibia where he is responsible for the risk culture building initiative.

In 2019 he was the recipient of the Institute of Risk Management South-Africa’s Africa Risk Management Award in recognition for his outstanding contribution towards Risk Management.

Recent Articles by Horst Simon

Building an Effective Risk Culture

“Culture is the soul of the organization — the beliefs and values, and how they are manifested. I think of the structure as the skeleton, and the process as the flesh and blood. And culture is the soul that holds the thing together and gives it life force.” – Henry Mintzberg The prevailing risk culture […]

Perspectives on Risk Culture Building

If you are still trying to identify all the risks you are exposed to within the context of your business or spend endless hours converting historic data into useless risk reports in an effort to mitigate as much risk as possible for a green light on the road to taking less risk (for less reward); […]

Adios to ‘3 Lines of Defense’ Risk Model

In this age of disruption, all those organizations that spent many years and lots of cash to dig beautiful trenches for their useless Three Lines of Defense are being seriously damaged. These organizations are now left needing even more effort, to fill up their trenches and get out on the battlefield of real business. R.I.P., […]

The Key to Building Effective Risk Culture

Building an effective risk culture is much more than changing your organizational culture in line with your vision, mission, corporate values and risk appetite — you must factor in the interests of competing national cultures, sub-cultures, Maslow’s theory on individual self-actualization and the informal groups in the company. The interactions among all of these are […]

Thinking Differently: Building a Risk Culture

“Young and old are dropping themselves from Wall Street at a pace we have not seen before” (sudden spade of suicides in 2014). “High -flying executives end up crash-landing in jail.” or “Your competitive advantage lies in the hearts and minds of your employees.” Deciding on a title for this piece was more difficult than […]

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