Henry Iversen

Henry Iversen

Henry Vaage Iversen is chief commercial officer and co-founder of He helps drive global growth at, a privately held software company that specializes in conversational artificial intelligence.

Inventor of the world’s most complete software for building, implementing and operating virtual agents powered by conversational AI technology, helps banks, financial institutions and other enterprises focus on their business objectives and customer relationships while creating new lines of revenue and new customer experiences.

With unlimited scalability, enterprise-level security and best-in-class privacy features,’s technology is used by hundreds of global companies and organizations. is a Norwegian software company founded in 2016 with North American headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif.

Recent Articles by Henry Iversen

On the Front Lines: Conversational AI

Artificial intelligence has become a key factor in the digitization of today’s leading customer-facing industries. While banks and telecoms are among the most visible sectors currently implementing conversational AI in the customer experience, the insurance industry is reportedly outspending both (and many others) when it comes to this technology. Revolving, as it does, around data […]

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