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Haywood Marsh

Haywood Marsh

Haywood Marsh is general manager of NetClaim, which offers customizable insurance claims reporting and distribution management solutions. He leverages experience in operations, marketing, strategic planning, product management and sales to drive the execution of NetClaim’s strategy.

Prior to leading NetClaim, Marsh served as the VP of strategic programs at Navex Global, managing the project management organization, release management and business systems teams. Immediately before joining NavexX Global, Marsh led marketing, strategic product planning and an inside sales team for a division of Danaher. Previous to that, Marsh served in the Pentagon as a military strategy consultant and team lead for Booz Allen Hamilton, worked as the director of quality assurance at Sonex Enterprises and ran a live military intelligence mission while serving as a soldier in the U.S. Army, among other roles.

Marsh earned his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and his B.A. in international business from Virginia Tech.

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The benefits of advanced claims intake for commercial insurance can seem obscure, cloaked in a mix of digital hype and theory. It’s not surprising that until recently it’s been hard to win buy-in from business leaders to move toward optimizing claims intake. But consider this concrete idea: What if you could ask fewer but better […]

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Insurance carriers and third -party administrators (TPAs) are well aware that emerging technologies are poised to change the industry. But, to many, it feels like the rhetoric has gone off the rails. You can hardly greet a consultant or surf the business pages without being told that digital reinvention is a do-or-die imperative. More insurers […]

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It’s a remarkable time in the insurance industry. Looking around at other major industries — retail, banking, manufacturing — it’s easy to see the changes that disruptors and technology have brought about. Yet in many ways it hasn’t hit home for insurance carriers. The same established players dominate at the top, and thousands of smaller […]

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