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Hasan Meral

Hasan Meral

Hasan Meral is the head of product and process management at Unico Insurance. He has a BA in actuarial science, an MA in insurance and a PhD in banking.

He is an expert in product development, brand management and customer loyalty management. His mission is to contribute to the transformation of the insurance industry, to make insurance a part of life and to make people love insurance products.

He is also the co-founder and a writer of Sigorta Strateji — an inspiring and educative blog for Turkish insurance professionals.

Recent Articles by Hasan Meral

7 Biases Customers Have About Risks

Although risk is at the center of insurance, there is a question that is not asked enough: How do we measure risks? When you ask an actuary to measure the likelihood of occurrence for a specific risk in a year, (s)he uses models based on various data sets. However, none of us use actuarial models […]

Insurance Product Design in 5 Minutes

The most preferred product design provides maximum coverage with a minimum price. As a result, the insurance industry consists of dozens of companies selling the same products at similar prices. Fortunately, cheese manufacturers do not think like insurance companies. Otherwise, we all would eat the same, tasteless white cheese, and we would never experience Gouda. […]

Why Buying Insurance Is Like Dieting

Have you heard of the marshmallow test? A marshmallow is placed in front of a kindergarten child, and an offer is made; you can eat this marshmallow right now, or, if can wait for 15 minutes, you will get a second one. This experiment, which sounds quite simple, provides invaluable insights about the self-control dynamics […]

The Behavioral Science on Buying Insurance

Why do people buy insurance, when they could spend their money on dozens of other excellent products and services? A classical answer would be, “to be safe against risks.” Then, why do some people spend thousands of dollars on insurance products while others don’t spend a penny? Doesn’t everyone want to be safe against risks? […]

How Insurers Get Out of the Red Ocean

Insurance has experienced high levels of price competition. Consumers often choose the cheapest offer in such a market, where demand is limited and supply is nearly endless, especially when mainstream products are highly similar. Thus, insurers are in a Red Ocean, a term used for markets where competition is high and profit margin is low. […]

Has Digital Insurance Failed?

“Digital insurance” was an exciting concept for the insurers until a few years ago. It was believed that digital transformation would change the insurance industry forever. We can say that digital insurance was the “autonomous vehicle” of the insurance industry. Today, it seems that the digital insurance concept has lost most of its popularity. Insurers […]

‘Organic Insurance’: Back to Basics

Organic products are quite popular in recent years. They are everywhere, in food, clothing, cosmetics and many other areas. It’s not hard to understand, because most inorganic things are harmful to human life. But what about organic insurance? The dictionary meaning of organic is “made in a natural way.” So, organic insurance can be defined […]

Insurance Service Rates Zero Stars

When we say marketing 3.0, industry 4.0 and technology 5.0, we all get used to cool names ending with zero. I think no one is surprised that insurers fell a little bit behind. We all talk about these cool zeros, but there is something really zero in insurance: customer service. I’m not talking about a […]

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