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Guy Weismantel

Guy Weismantel

Guy Weismantel is the vice president of marketing at Vertafore, the largest provider of insurance software in the industry. With 20 years of marketing and financial leadership in companies such as Microsoft, Business Objects, Baxter HealthCare, Caremark International, and Expedia, his career has focused on bringing differentiated products to market and providing the “compelling reason to purchase” for customers and prospects alike.

Recent Articles by Guy Weismantel

Traditional Insurance Is Dying

Finance. Taxis. Television. Medicine. What do these have in common? They’re all on the long–and growing–list of industries being turned upside down by disruptive technology.  The examples are legion. Once-sure-bet investments like taxicab medallions are at risk of going underwater. Bitcoin is giving consumers the power to bypass banks. Traditional television is at risk from […]

Will Policies Break Down Into Apps?

With the news that Uber is partnering with Metromile to offer Uber drivers “pay-per-mile” insurance, along with AirBnB announcing host protection insurance to supplement existing insurance policies on rooms and houses, we may be seeing the first cracks in the decades-old marketplace for all-encompassing insurance policies. And really the change should not surprise us. After […]

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