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Greg Reber

Greg Reber

Greg Reber is the founder and CEO of AsTech Consulting, a leading information security consulting firm. As a pioneer in the information security field, Reber was among the first to recognize and address the risks presented by consumer-facing applications.

He launched AsTech Consulting in 1997 and has established AsTech Consulting as the premier firm that many financial services companies, retail service providers and other Fortune 1,000 companies turn to for real-world, effective information security solutions.

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How to Determine Your Cyber Coverage

Public agencies and organizations around the world are making cyber risk their top priority. North American policyholders dominate the market, but Europe and Asia are expected to grow rapidly over the next five years due to new laws and significant increases in targeted attacks, such as ransomware. Various experts predict the $3 billion global cyber insurance market […]

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