Gregory Simon

Gregory Simon

Gregory Simon is currently the CEO and co-founder of, building distributed ledger and smart contract solutions for the loyalty and rewards industry. He is also the current president of The Bitcoin Association. Simon spent most of his life as a career investment banker primarily based out of Japan and Asia. Since 2013 he has fully immersed himself in the blockchain and distributed ledger technology industry. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology commoditizes trust. It will disrupt every industry requiring trust infrastructure by dramatically increasing transparency and operating efficiencies. As a CPA and certified blockchain professional (CBP), he is a uniquely qualified expert on blockchain accounting, including blockchain single-entry and triple-entry bookkeeping. As a CEO in the loyalty and rewards industry he is leading in the creation and definition of blockchain accounting solutions and standards for the loyalty and rewards industry.

Simon has an MBA from Columbia University. He is business fluent in Japanese and is an advisor at Factom as well as a founding member of the Nicaragua Bitcoin Foundation.

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Blockchain: No More Double-Entry Books?

My day job at keeps me insanely busy. Too busy, unfortunately, to spend enough time thinking about one of the more exciting and disruptive impacts of blockchain technology: the breakdown of double-entry bookkeeping. In a previous life, I was a CPA, and I’ve been wanting to put some thoughts out there for a while. I still […]

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