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Grégory Moliner

Grégory Moliner

Grégory Moliner is CEO of Effisoft USA, an international reinsurance software vendor.

He was previously Effisoft’s vice president of presales for reinsurance and Solvency II solutions. He also played a key role in several implementation projects of WebXL, Effisoft’s ceded reinsurance system, as a former project manager in charge of international accounts.

Recent Articles by Grégory Moliner

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Catastrophe Claims

Managing catastrophe reinsurance claims is a big challenge for carriers. In particular, dealing with the “hours clause” can be baffling. But taking the best strategy can make a big difference in how much reinsurance a carrier will collect. As climate change accelerates and the weather becomes more violent, catastrophe reinsurance has become increasingly complex, making […]

The Challenges With Catastrophe Bonds

Catastrophe bonds are an increasingly important form of risk transfer for insurers. Cat bonds are a peculiarity of the U.S. reinsurance market, where about 125 to 200 natural disasters occur a year. They were first sold in the mid-1990s after Hurricane Andrew and the Northridge earthquake highlighted the need for a new form of risk […]

The Need to Automate Reinsurance Programs

“Do you know where your children are?” That was a popular catchphrase in a TV public service announcement. Do you know where your reinsurance program is? Many senior executives at insurers can’t say for sure. Many insurers find it a struggle to document their ceded reinsurance program (the risk they have transferred to a reinsurer) in a […]

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