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Greg Moore

Gregory Moore is chief commercial officer of CLARA analytics, a division of LeanTaaS and a leading predictive analytics company for workers’ compensation.

Prior to joining CLARA analytics, Moore founded Harbor Health Systems, which he led for 16 years. During his time at Harbor Health, he pioneered many aspects of outcomes-based network models and brought provider benchmarking into the mainstream for workers’ compensation insurance and managed care companies.

Moore holds a master’s in public health from UCLA and a bachelor of science from the University of Rochester.

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I recently shared an article discussing the fact that the workers’ compensation system is not functioning as designed, with some key data points that show just how badly the industry is missing the mark when it comes to litigation. In a nutshell, workers’ comp was created to reduce the need for litigation, and yet it […]

Should Workers’ Comp Be So Litigious?

Workers’ compensation was designed to reduce litigation by trading out the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for negligence in exchange for limited guarantee of care and compensation. This exclusive remedy “bargain” was the justification for why the system was created a little more than 100 years ago. If we look at intent […]

What Matters in Workers’ Comp

Is this claimant supposed to be off work? Did I get enough discount on the services? Were those services even necessary? I would argue that the question everyone should be asking instead is: Who is your doctor? After all, the physician is the person who sets all of the other wheels in motion — wheels […]

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