Greg Fann

Greg Fann

Greg Fann is a consulting actuary with Axene Health Partners, LLC. He is a well-known actuary who has provided consulting services for all types of healthcare organizations including:

–Health plans: HMOs, PPOs, managed care plans, BlueCross Blue Shield plans, insurance companies, etc.
–Healthcare providers: hospitals, medical groups, ancillary providers, etc.
–Various governments and government programs: federal, state and local, international, medicare, medicaid, CHAMPUS and social systems
–Employer health benefit plan sponsors

He is a recognized expert on PPACA and has created models for demonstrated savings of ACOs at CMS and various state medicaid agencies. He has completed audits for medicare advantage programs on behalf of CMS and has completed bids for both medicare advantage programs and ACA rate filings.

Fann joined AHP after a successful consulting career at both Mercer health and benefits, and Wakely consulting group. Prior to his consulting career he served as a chief actuary of a health plan and as the director of analytics for a major blues plan.

Fann is a frequent speaker and writer on healthcare issues. He is a fellow of the society of actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He currently serves on the Society of Actuaries Health Section Council, the Society of Actuaries Exam Committee, the Actuarial Standards Board Task Force on Actuarial Value, and other professional committees.

In addition to his actuarial credentials, Fann earned a master of science in actuarial science from Georgia State University, and a bachelor of science from Furman University.

Fann is married and resides in Southern California.

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