Giuliano Altamura

Giuliano Altamura

Giuliano Altamura is global financial services business unit general manager at Fincons Group, where he analyzes business activities that he has seen accelerated in the insurance sector and suggests solutions to help insurers are able to ride the digital wave.

Recent Articles by Giuliano Altamura

Accelerating Industry’s Digital Scenarios

With social distancing measures allowing fewer and fewer in-person interactions, all types of businesses are evaluating which of their typical activities can be shifted to digital platforms effectively. The drive to get more customers on digital is so powerful that many insurers are left playing catch-up; the pandemic caught many out as they were still […]

New IT Architecture: Digital Innovation Hub

Today’s era of total mobility has seen insurance consumers increasingly demanding to receive customer service across a number of different channels – each driving an exponential increase in data volumes. Bombarding systems with queries and operational tasks like never before, this surge in traffic is taking its toll on insurers’ back-end systems. A new architecture, […]

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