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Gerry Stanley

Gerry Stanley

Gerry Stanley, MD, is the senior vice president and chief medical officer at Harvard MedTech.

He has a passion for healthcare transformation and deep experience in population health management, self-insured health plan management, medical consumerism and direct-to-employer network enablement.

Prior to Harvard MedTech, Dr. Stanley served as chief medical officer for the employer and consumer division of Cerner.

Dr. Stanley received his undergraduate degree from Creighton University and his doctorate from Creighton University School of Medicine.

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It’s well-known in workers’ compensation that 20% of cases account for 80% of costs. It’s been a mystery why four out of five cases progress fairly routinely, and why that fifth one is an outlier. Struggling to find the answer, we’ve continued to do versions of the same things over and over again for these […]

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