Geoffrey Keast

Geoffrey Keast

Geoff Keast is the co-CEO for Montoux, a global leader in pricing transformation for life insurers. He is passionate about technology that creates fantastic customer outcomes.

Keast also has extensive experience in growth and business development and a background in helping large financial companies use tech to transform the way they do business.

Recent Articles by Geoffrey Keast

Pricing Right in Life Insurance

Life insurance might be the slowest vertical to adopt new technology, but it is not immune to changes that are affecting the industry. The market is changing, demanding insurance that’s easier to purchase, more personalized and tailored in a way it never has been before. A 2018 study by MarketWatch showed over 40% of Americans […]

Making Life Insurance Personal

Personalization is a significant opportunity for life insurance carriers looking to revolutionize their relationships with customers. In this article, Montoux takes a closer look at some key themes, with examples carriers can aspire to. Customer relationship Customers have long been thought to begrudgingly purchase life insurance protection, either as a rite of passage or something […]

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