Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar is AVP, product management, at Haven Life, a leading insurtech, where he has led the flagship direct-to-consumer product ( as well as strategic initiatives.

Previously, he was at Sprinklr ( and helped leading global brands embed “social” into how they operate. Kumar is a quintessential change agent and has worked to transform products, processes and operating models across functions in a broad range of industries, including banking and insurance.

Kumar believes that lasting change comes not just from the next hot technology or business buzzword, but from truly connecting the dots and understanding the interplay with the cultural, organizational and human tectonic plates underneath.

Recent Articles by Gautam Kumar

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You sit down with a cup of coffee. You resist the urge to check new emails or Slack messages. You want to spend a few minutes to plan out, in your mind, how you will keep the momentum going for your transformation agenda or your innovative product. After a lot of resistance, all the pieces […]

What the Inauguration Tells Us

Jan. 20, 2017, Washington, D.C.: Donald Trump takes the oath as the president of the U.S. Something that was unthinkable even a year ago has actually happened. A lot has been written about this event in political terms and in economic terms, but what does it mean to us as human beings and as professionals? […]

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