Gary Morton

Gary Morton

Gary Morton is a West Point-distinguished graduate and senior co-founder of Stryker Corporation’s world leading EMS business. He is the author of Commanding Excellence: Inspiring Purpose, Passion, and Ingenuity through Leadership That Matters. In the book, he
reveals the secret sauce that led to extraordinary success in two different organizations: the only US Army maneuver task force that has ever won every battle at the grueling National Training Center and Stryker Corporation which grew its earnings 20% or more every quarter and every year for 28 consecutive years. See:

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Case Study on Risk and Innovation

How can you grow in a market that is flat or shrinking? This is a common problem faced by businesses. whether they are in insurance or manufacturing. It was the challenge my team faced immediately after I was promoted to lead Stryker’s EMS (ambulance) equipment business in 1999. The lessons we learned apply across a […]

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