Gaby Olazabal

Gaby Olazabal

Gaby Olazabal is a senior vice president at Clara analytics, where she leads all product delivery. Her team of analysts, data scientists and software engineers manages all parts of the customer journey: application and model implementation and updates, providing operational consulting help to integrate Clara’s AI products into customers’ operations and setting up and tracking metrics to help quantify benefits.

Prior to Clara, Olazabal was a director of analytic solutions at LeanTaaS, where she led the design and development of a range of cloud-based analytic solutions focused on operational improvement. Olazabal has more than 15 years of experience in strategy consulting (McKinsey, Andersen Consulting) and in designing and implementing complex software and analytic solutions (IBM, LeanTaaS).

She has an MBA with honors from MIT, an MS in finance and a BS in industrial engineering from Pacifica University in Peru.

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