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Frederik Bisbjerg

Frederik Bisbjerg

Frederik Bisbjerg is chief digital acceleration officer at Noor Takaful.

Recent Articles by Frederik Bisbjerg

A Future-Proof Operating Model

The business strategy sets the direction and targets of the company, but the operating environment changes constantly. To succeed, insurers must have an operational model with adequate flexibility and agility to follow market fluctuations. A new target operating model based on a set of design principles necessitated by the pandemic must be designed for the […]

Insurtechs’ Role in Transformation

Given the nature of insurance, and the possibilities that data analytics and technology offer, there should be little doubt that the industry is moving toward becoming a technology industry. It is therefore only natural that insurers are looking for ways to reinvent themselves as technology companies, running corporate-wide digital transformation projects to ensure adjustment to […]

Planning for the Unknown Unknowns

A strategic inflection point, a term first used by then-Intel CEO Andrew Grove, is a period when an organization must respond to disruptive change in the business environment effectively or face deterioration – it’s typically illustrated by the S-curve of business development. Strategic inflection points are changes that are more than 10 times more significant than […]

How to Adapt to a VUCA+V World

The term VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) was coined by the U.S. military as a reaction to an increasingly complex situation, with many frontiers and unknowns around the world. For business, the pandemic crisis has taken the VUCA elements of the corporate environments to a whole new level and even suggests adding a V, for […]

Building a Virtual Insurer Post-COVID

The world has entered recession and is witnessing a paradigm shift in how we interact with each other and how businesses operate with the massive #stayhome and social isolation campaigns. We are looking into a New Normal – a VUCAV world (VUCA+Virtual), where companies and people must interact virtually and in an environment with high […]

There Are Only 3 Scenarios for Insurers

Incumbent insurers are facing headwinds in increasingly complex markets, with new distribution models and entrants coming from all corners of the world. Few incumbents have the overview of what’s happening and at what speed, and even fewer have action plans for the market changes. Looking at the insurance industry players across the continents, they can […]

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