Fraser Gaspar

Fraser Gaspar

Dr. Fraser Gaspar is an environmental and occupational health epidemiologist at ReedGroup. His research focuses on the factors that influence a patient’s successful return-to-activity and the use of evidence-based medicine guidelines in improving health outcomes.

Recent Articles by Fraser Gaspar

In Opioid Guidelines We Trust?

A common recommendation to combat the current opioid epidemic is to provide physicians with opioid prescribing guidelines. Opioid guidelines synthesize the available research to inform judicious prescribing behaviors and safe dosages when opioids are needed. Given the seriousness of the opioid epidemic, it is not surprising that multiple organizations currently produce opioid prescribing guidelines. Opioid […]

How to Attack the Opioid Crisis

The vastness of the opioid crisis is all around us: 259 million opioid prescriptions are made every year. 91 Americans die every day of opioid overdose. Workplace costs of prescription opioid use are more than $25 billion, driven by lost earnings from premature death, reduced compensation or lost employment and healthcare costs. It’s time to […]

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