Frank Genheimer

Frank Genheimer

Frank Genheimer is managing director with New Insurance Business (NIB), a consulting company for the insurance industry and its cooperation partners. With over 13 years of experience within insurance business, he focuses on topics such as innovation and digitization, new business strategy, product development, investments and cooperation management. Before Genheimer founded NIB, he worked as product developer, project manager, product manager and life actuary with different insurance groups and for several European countries. He studied mathematics and he is a full member of the German and Swiss actuarial association. He is a regular speaker and moderator at seminars, workshops and various other events throughout the financial service industry.

Recent Articles by Frank Genheimer

Insurtech: Are We Waiting for Godot?

An entire industry is caught by the digitization fever. There is a wild spread of seminars and conferences about digitization, hundreds of new digitization experts, lots of startups. The term “insurtech” is en vogue, and to talk about digitization is hip and mainstream. Nevertheless, up to now, this is all pretty much about talking and […]

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