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Francesco Corea

Francesco Corea

Francesco Corea is a complexity scientist and AI technologist. Corea is an editor at Cyber Tales and is a strong supporter of an interdisciplinary research approach. He wants to foster the interaction of different sciences in order to bring to light hidden connections. Corea is a former Anthemis Fellow, IPAM Fellow, and he is getting his PhD at LUISS University.

Recent Articles by Francesco Corea

How AI Affects Financial Services

Artificial intelligence is using structured and unstructured data in financial services to improve the customer experience and engagement, to detect outliers and anomalies, to increase revenues, reduce costs, find predictability in patterns and increase forecasts’ reliability…but it is not so in any other industry? We all know this story, right? So what is really peculiar about […]

Why AI Will Transform Insurance

The insurance sector is one of the most old-fashioned and resistant to change, and this is why AI will have a greater impact on that with respect to more receptive industries. The collection of data of new types (i.e., unstructured data such as reports, images, contracts, etc.) and the use of new algorithms are disrupting […]

Insights on Insurance and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing every industry, and insurance will be affected as well. As already stated in previous posts, AI today is perceived in three different ways: It is something that might answer all your questions, with an increasing degree of accuracy (“the Oracle”); it could do anything it is commanded to do (“the […]

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