Erik Abrahamsson

Erik Abrahamsson

Erik Abrahamsson is the founder and CEO of Digital Fineprint, a London-based analytics company helping insurers use social media. After winning “Best General Startup in the U.K.” at the Grad Factor Awards, the company went on to partner with Allianz and Hiscox, and in January 2017 it was picked as one of the top five insurtech companies worldwide for Accenture’s Innovation Lab. The company is backed by Eos Venture Partners, a VC firm focused exclusively on insurtech.

Before founding Digital Fineprint, Abrahamsson worked in strategy for Twitter in Singapore, and before that as a finance manager at Procter & Gamble in Switzerland.

Originally from Sweden, Abrahamsson graduated as valedictorian with a BSc from King’s College London and was awarded a full scholarship for graduate studies at The University of Oxford, where he attended St. Catherine’s College.

He is also a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum.

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