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Eric Preston

Eric Preston

Eric Preston is vice president, loss control services, for Keenan, an industry-leading California insurance brokerage and consulting firm for healthcare organizations and public agencies.

Recent Articles by Eric Preston

Preparing for the Next Big Earthquake

We live on a seismically active planet, something most of us know all too well living here in California. Although seismic events can strike with little or no warning, major tremors are often separated by years or even decades. This infrequency and unpredictability can lull us into complacency, or even lead to a false sense […]

The New Face of Preparedness

The devastation of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria is a stark reminder for individuals and organizations about the importance of emergency preparedness. But while most of us think of emergency preparedness in terms of natural disasters, the fact is that organizations today face a multitude of man-made threats, including mass casualty and active shooter/active killer […]

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