Eric Bricker

Eric Bricker

Eric Bricker, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician, serves as the chief medical officer for Compass Professional Health Services. He co-founded Compass with Scott Schoenvogel and Cliff Sentell in 2005 to help change how healthcare is delivered to improve employee health and lower healthcare costs.

Dr. Bricker has published numerous articles about the quality of diabetes care and treatment of hospital-acquired infections and regularly speaks at employer and insurance broker/benefit consultant seminars on consumerism. Dr. Bricker also writes the Compass Healthcare Consumerism Blog, which has new posts five days a week and was read by more than 130,000 unique visitors in 2014.

Before becoming a physician, Dr. Bricker was a hospital finance consultant for Stockamp & Associates (now Huron Consulting), where he worked on billing projects at major medical centers across the country.

Dr. Bricker received his medical training at the University of Illinois College of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital, and received a B.A. in economics from Northwestern University.

Recent Articles by Eric Bricker

Hospitals Buy Practices, Raise Prices

There was an interesting article in Medical Economics magazine titled, “Lopsided Value: Why cost may ‘level the playing field’ for independent, office-based physicians.” The article by Tammy Worth describes how, when a hospital system buys a physician practice, the hospital can then consider the doctor’s office part of its “outpatient” facility and therefore charge a […]

Screening: More Does NOT Equal Better

In an important op-ed piece in the New York Times, “An Epidemic of Thyroid Cancer?”, Dr. H. Gilbert Welch from Dartmouth University wrote that he and his team of researchers found that the rate of thyroid cancer in South Korea has increased 15-fold! 15X! How can this be?! Were South Koreans exposed to massive amounts of […]

Disease Management: Savings at Pepsi

The second-most read article from Health Affairs in 2014 was a fantastic piece by the employee benefits professionals from Pepsi and researchers from the RAND Corp. The Pepsi team and the RAND researchers evaluated PepsiCo’s wellness program over a seven-year period and found the following: The disease management component of the overall wellness program lowered […]

Are Annual Physicals Really Worthless?

Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel wrote a contrarian opinion piece in the Jan. 8, 2015, issue of the New York Times titled, “Skip Your Annual Physical.” Dr. Emanuel is an oncologist at the University of Pennsylvania and was an adviser to the Obama administration regarding the design of health reform. He is also the brother of Rahm Emanuel, a […]

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