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Dustin Yoder

Dustin Yoder

Dustin Yoder is the founder and CEO of Sureify, an insurtech startup that helps life insurance companies digitally engage their customers.

Yoder is one of the pioneers of the insurtech space. He turned his attention to the insurance industry in 2012 to find insurers gazing enviously as the Ubers and Amazons of the world so successfully engaged huge numbers of consumers. In response, Yoder and his diverse team of insurance veterans and Silicon Valley talent created Sureify and its flagship product, the Lifetime Platform, which Rick Huckstep of the digital insurer called “the salesforce.com of insurance engagement.”

Prior to a capital injection from Hannover Re and other investors, Sureify was a self-funded internal project of Yoder’s previous company, Vendus Product Labs, an enterprise product development firm he founded that served the likes of Genentech, Stanford University, Sutter Health and Honda Motor Corporation.

He earned his degree in finance at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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