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Duncan Minty

Duncan Minty

Duncan Minty is an independent ethics consultant with a particular interest in the insurance sector. Minty is a chartered insurance practitioner and the author of ethics courses and guidance papers for the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Over the past 14 years, Minty has worked with a wide variety of firms in the insurance sector, helping them achieve greater certainty on ethical issues. Minty’s “Ethics and Insurance” blog is a leading source of insight into ethical issues influencing the insurance sector.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Minty worked in insurance for 18 years and became head of risk management at Europe’s largest motor fleet.

Recent Articles by Duncan Minty

Loss Prevention or a Trojan Horse?

A buzz phrase gaining momentum in the insurance market at the moment is “ecospheres of prevention.” It’s about using smart devices to monitor for signs of impending loss events, and to then signal that to policyholders. For policyholders, this means events relating to your health, your house, your car and other such life contexts. It’s […]

Could AI Transform Insurance Ethics?

Could AI be used by regulators to test how committed insurance executives are to building trust with policyholders? Artificial intelligence is transforming the relationship between insurer and insured. And it’s now being used in ways that could transform the relationship between insurer and regulator. It has implications for public trust and executive careers. It has emerged […]

6 Ethical Challenges for Marketing

Everyone knows that marketing now plays a key role in the success of an insurance business. And this is down not just to trends in distribution and brand, but to digital links with underwriting as well. Moving from the periphery into the heart of a business has consequences, though. Being in the lens of regulatory […]

20 Likely Changes in Ethics on Claims

Insurance is changing in ways that have profound implications for claims. Some claims practices will become redundant. Questions only occasionally raised before will now become common. New skills will have to be learned. It’s all very exciting, but also a little daunting. Clearly, the way we think about claims will change, but, at the same […]

Most Controversial Claims Innovation

Pushing at boundaries and challenging traditional notions is what innovation is all about. Rethinking something that people have taken for granted for too long can open opportunities for enhancing service, increasing efficiencies and generating revenue. Take claims. The idea that the claim settlement should reflect the insured loss has held sway for a great many […]

Which Rules Should Insurtech Break?

There’s a lot of attention being given at the moment to the startup firms that are entering the insurance market in the hope of grabbing attention and business by disrupting the established ways of doing things. And some of these insurtech startups are indeed introducing new and exciting ideas to the market. Disruptive thinking has […]

The Rise of Panopticon Regulation?

A radical shift is underway in how insurance markets are going to be regulated in the UK. The shift will transform the relationship between insurers, regulators and the public. “Big data” promises a more personalized, customer-centric way of doing business. Yet, as insurers gain access to unprecedented levels of information about the lives of consumers, […]

An Ethics Question on Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars will transform personal travel and, in doing so, will pose some interesting questions for insurers. One question that insurers seem not to have addressed so far involves the ethical issues raised by self-driving cars. And there’s one particular issue of ethics that could have a significant influence on the liability exposures presented by […]

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